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Look at Us Somehow older On the outside. I like the Us With a little wear. 15 years this year. We’ve met the new version of us a few times throughout our relationship. Each one more honest, authentic, and loving than the one before. So many more versions to come. At one point, I just […]


This Is Us

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Once upon a time, I woke up, and my girls weren’t babies. If you want the truth, they aren’t little kids anymore. It’s funny because I remember my mom at my age. Hell, I see her every time I look in the mirror. There she is. My 41-year-old mama staring back at me. And it […]


This Feels Just Like Yesterday

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Wake Up is a podcast about growth and fulfillment. In her authentic style, Lindsay will entertain you and make you laugh while pushing you to show up for yourself and recognize how powerful you really are. Buckle up; you're about to grow! 

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