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This Is Us

March 11, 2022

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Look at Us
Somehow older
On the outside.

I like the Us
With a little wear.

15 years this year. We’ve met the new version of us a few times throughout our relationship. Each one more honest, authentic, and loving than the one before. So many more versions to come.

At one point, I just decided he’s the one, and I’m sticking in. I’m going to continue to show up in this relationship with zero expectations. Even when we push each other away in our brokenness and darkness, we stick in.

We are the safe space to explore what we are doing here. We are the safe space to unpack what we learn, even when what is revealed is ugly and shameful, and imperfect. We have created a third between us that has become a place where change is explored individually.

Last year I was given the advice to tend to the third (what we are together) instead of Michael, individually. Tend to the place where we meet. Tend to the energy we create together. Tend to the idea we are creating of us. Tend to what we want to feel as a partnership. This is where God shows up through us. Wow. Big advice, and I knew it.

You see, we are here to help the other see in the dark. We are here to shine a light when the other feels lost. We are here to witness the other do great things and learn painful lessons. We are here to hold each other’s highest version in our hearts when the opposite shows up. We are here to believe in the other’s potential even and especially when they can’t. We are a gift to ourselves in this life.

This is a partnership we choose.

Have you ever thought about the idea of a third? Maybe today would be a good day to start.


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