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This Feels Just Like Yesterday

February 21, 2022

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Once upon a time, I woke up, and my girls weren’t babies.

If you want the truth, they aren’t little kids anymore.

It’s funny because I remember my mom at my age. Hell, I see her every time I look in the mirror. There she is. My 41-year-old mama staring back at me.

And it reminds me of how quickly time passes when life is good.

“That feels like just yesterday” is my cue for gratitude.

I’ve been in the trenches as a mother, and time crawled. It felt like the days would never end. I remember that district feeling of panic around 5 pm when the sun would start to set and the night would inevitably come. That was slow-going for me with twins.

But it didn’t last forever.

Time is flying by us.

Take the time to just sit and stare at your babies (who maybe aren’t babies) today. Watch them in wonder as they do their thing. Let yourself fill up with gratitude for them. And then, when you’re at the peak of that grateful feeling, set your intention for your future relationship with them. See yourself having a friendship with them. See them on their wedding day. See them calling you from different places around the world. See them laughing with you. See their future babies bouncing in your lap. See what you intend to create.

First gratitude. Then intention. Notice how you make that future vision reality today. Right now.


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