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A Note On Starting Late

February 23, 2023

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A note on starting late.

I’m watching my kid start gymnastics about 11 years “too late.”

Most of these kids have been in a gym since they were toddling around. Not Kennedy, though. She decided to start gym at 12. Her class is filled with small kids. She’s taller than her coach. The kids her age are 4 levels above her. She ends up doing all the heavy lifting for the class because she can carry the mats alone.

She has to start at the beginning just like everyone else, and she’s very aware she’s not like the others at this stage of the game.

Gymnastics is building her muscles, flexibility, stamina, and coordination, for sure. It’s also building her character in a way this wouldn’t have if she had started earlier.

No, this is not about her body; this is really about her mind (which is the brain and heart in action).

There’s no such thing as too late.

This story isn’t about the gym.


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