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In the latest episode of Wake Up the Podcast, we discussed our favorite books from 2023. Here’s the full list! And if you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, go do that here. We talked about each book and why we are recommending it. Of course, it wouldn’t be an LTM book list without my […]


Here’s What You Should Read In 2024

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Today is the day my friends. Birthing day. I’ve been in labor for an entire 2 years and today is the day you get to see my baby and hold her in your hands. Because this baby is for you. Wake Up is for you and was written with a deep desire to move you, […]


Wake Up! is live!

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We’re 31 days out from the release of my new book, Wake Up!, and I’m so excited I might pee my pants. The pre-order bonuses just went up and they are so, so, so good! PRE-ORDER + BONUSES! I’m also nervous about this launch because this book wasn’t part of the plan. It wasn’t even […]


Wake Up! pre-order bonuses are live!

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My first book was published this week. It’s called Getting Noticed. It is a no-nonsense guide to standing out and selling more for momtrepreneurs who ‘ain’t got time for that’. This book started as a PDF guide and as I was writing it it turned into so much more than just a PDF. It turned […]

The Good Life

Getting Noticed Book, Coming Soon!

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Wake Up is a podcast about growth and fulfillment. In her authentic style, Lindsay will entertain you and make you laugh while pushing you to show up for yourself and recognize how powerful you really are. Buckle up; you're about to grow! 

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