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Wake Up! is live!

October 26, 2021

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Today is the day my friends.

Birthing day.

I’ve been in labor for an entire 2 years and today is the day you get to see my baby and hold her in your hands. Because this baby is for you.

Wake Up is for you and was written with a deep desire to move you, to shake you awake if that’s what’s needed. I know the impact this book has the potential to make is going to be worth the work it took to get it on the shelves.

Not by accident, yesterday I happened to find a video of my daughter talking about me working. She was 5 at the time, (she’s turning 13 in a month). In the video, I asked her, “what does mommy do for work?” and she said, “something that takes a lot of time and you can’t play right now.”

I knew where she got that quote. “I can’t right now, mommy has got to work.” And I did. And it was hard to explain to her why. And I knew she didn’t understand at that time. She couldn’t comprehend what the sacrifice might mean. She didn’t see what I could see for us if I just had the chance to try really hard. She could only grasp that I wasn’t there to play with her.

I broke down into full-blown tears the night she said that and I never watched that video again, until yesterday when I saw it for the second time. All those same feelings punched me between the eyes. I cried again because she said it so honestly and innocently. She wasn’t trying to hurt me just like I wasn’t trying to hurt her.

That night, 8 years ago, while I was laying in bed, I prayed that one day my daughter would know that the sacrifices we were all making were worth it — that our time apart so that I could work, would mean something.

And tomorrow, everything I’ve learned about living a life of meaning shows up in the pages of that book.

This book was worth the sacrifice and she is getting a first-hand look at what pushing through fear looks and feels like. She’s watching me love others in the way that I do, through words. She’s watching me give up what I want now for what I want long-term. She’s watching me believe in something with my whole heart.

That’s worth the work.

And so are you. Grab Wake Up and put in the work.

Let’s do it together.


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