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Wake Up! pre-order bonuses are live!

September 23, 2021

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We’re 31 days out from the release of my new book, Wake Up!, and I’m so excited I might pee my pants.

The pre-order bonuses just went up and they are so, so, so good!


I’m also nervous about this launch because this book wasn’t part of the plan. It wasn’t even on the long-term life plan. I actively didn’t want to write the book that is coming out in October with my name on the cover.

I had a plan to write a book on sales from a brand new perspective. I had a plan to continue down the business path because it’s what I know and I’m skilled in that area. I had a plan to feed your business so that you could, in turn, use that income to feed your family, your dreams, and the people you connect with.

Instead, I found myself trashing the content and the research for the book that was to be called “A Faster Yes” and began the process of writing without a plan. I started thinking about you and what you might need the most right now. I began thinking about my friends and family and what they might need the most coming out of last year.

And along the way, I found Wake Up — or it found me.

It’s the culmination of what I’ve learned in my life through childhood perceptions, really good teachers, hard knocks, research, terrible choices, ego, abuse, shame, bravery, boldness, heartache, pain, pleasure, self-righteousness, stubbornness, experiences, failure, and success.

I thrashed as I wrote this book.

I felt like a fish out of water. I wrote and erased full chapters over and over. I wrote enough content for four books (word count was next level) and then saved only the best words to make just one powerful, vulnerable, truth-telling, and challenging book about whole-life fulfillment.

This book will force you out of the slumber most of us float through our whole lives in. We go to work, raise our kids, go out with girlfriends, approach our finances, ride our peloton bikes, and go to church asleep.

But what would happen if you were more aware in each of these areas? What if we noticed? What if we paid attention? What if we decided to say no to the easy button that our culture is selling us everywhere we turn?

You’ll find out on Oct 26.

Wake Up is available (on sale) for preorder now. And with your order, you’re going to get some cool bonuses like a print by Brad Vetter (seriously!), a #WakeUp100 tracker, and the first third of the book to read right now!


The only thing you have to lose is sleep.


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