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What I’m Bringing To 2023

September 7, 2022

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​​I’m probably not going to start making dance reels where I point to the things I want to share, so my feed will magically pop up in your feed. It’s just not my style.

I’m also probably going to skip the coming trend where we veer away from mom jeans and into ultra low-rise jeans. I like to zip my mom bod into a zipper with so many teeth you need an abacus to keep track, thankyouverymuch.

There are a lot of things I probably won’t do here in the future that you’ll find on other feeds. I think that’s what makes social media great.

I’ll tell you what I will be bringing to my corner of the internet this next year:

  1. A little writing mixed with a lot of reading. I’ve been packing in the books like I haven’t done ever before over the last 3 years, and I am changed by what I read.
  2. Off-grid dreaming, building, and living. Our Montana property is off-grid, meaning no city or county services and maaaayyybe 2 bars of service. The one-room cabin is 6,300 feet up a mountain on a beat-up old mining road. We had our first taste of living there this summer, and I don’t miss the light switches (didn’t see that coming). We are turning this place into something special for our family, friends, retreats, groups, and getaways.
  3. YLEO and all things natural health and wellness. When my kids were born, I learned how much the chemicals we use, consume, touch, and breathe are making us sick. We are all about cleaning, supplements, and personal care products that work like the toxic stuff but won’t create disease.
  4. My struggles and wins. I’ve never been the girl that hides what’s hard about what’s great in my life. I won’t start now. You can be positive that I’ll give it to you straight. That has not changed.
  5. The 6 cornerstones of a good life:
  • personal
  • business/work
  • financial
  • health
  • relationships
  • spirituality

I learned these in my early 20s from Jim Rohn, and they continue to guide the way I live, make choices, and dream up my future.

It’s gonna get a little woowoo and it’s gonna get a little spicy — let’s talk about supernatural and the taboo. I want to talk about what matters with radical candor, honesty, and vulnerability – even when it’s uncomfortable.


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