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Project Life Week 9

April 7, 2013

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This was a totaly normal week except that we got a date night!!! I love date night!!! Also, I’m totally digging the fact that my kids adore old school cartoons. Anything made early nineties or earlier and the Moreno girls are digging it.


Week nine brought some sun so I took the girls out for a little photo shoot in their cutie clothes. Another card with our TV shows because I thought it was pretty funny that all of us were into some old-school shows lately. The girls love Tom & Jerry and M & I still into The West Wing.

Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life Digital

Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life Digital

Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life DigitalClose-up right side. How cute that I got a pic of my hubs taking a very rare nap!

Lindsay Teague Moreno

  1. christy Smith says:

    I love this. ..I did scrapbooks for both of my boys for over 10 years. I look at them often. It was my passion. When I got divorced something inside of me was lost as well as my desire to put these memories in books. You have inspired me to get my passion back! Thank you. ..

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