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The Unicorn Craze Has Hit the Moreno House Hard

February 9, 2018

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You guys, I have to share the presents we got for the girls for Valentine’s Day this year because OH MY GOSH.

My kids are obsessed with unicorns…like any self-respecting 5-10 year old should be.

They are reading a book series called Unicorn School and I had to sit through the My Little Pony movie more than once and am a little ashamed to know the names of these creatures. “They’re only little once,” I just keep reminding myself as I fight to keep yet another Beanie Boo unicorn out of their rooms. So when I saw these blankets it was a yes for me.

I wish I would have recorded the reactions of Boston, Teagan & Kennedy when I pulled this little bit of magic out of the box.


A unicorn blanket? Are you kidding me? How can you not?


They think they are unicorns. And guys, to be honest, they’re not pretending as much as they used to so it has been pretty fun to watch.

Michael and I are going to be out of town on Valentine’s Day for some work, so we celebrated early with these little gifts for all 3 girls (also I’m trying to cut back on stuffed animals and candy…oy). This could not have been a bigger hit. They’re sleeping in/with this thing every night since they opened it up.

This product right here is why we need more female entrepreneurs to make awesome stuff. Machine washable? CHECK. Not going to fall apart in 3 seconds? CHECK. Colors my kids are going to want? CHECK. Totally unique. I’m so happy to support a fellow momtrepreneur in her business idea because her target market could not be bigger fans. So cute, Kate! The Morenos are fans.

If you guys have littles that dream unicorn dreams, you have to check out Born to Unicorn on Amazon. Also, Prime shipping on these bad boys because Jesus loves you.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Y’all!




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