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In the Home with the Moreno Family

March 14, 2015

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I was recently referred to Duston Todd by my friend Megahn for some family lifestyle portraits. I’ve wanted to capture us just being together for a while and immediately jumped on the opportunity when I saw Duston’s In the Home sessions he was doing. He is a true artist and what he created will remain on my walls for a lifetime.

Take a look…

moreno_DTODD-6385 copy

moreno_DTODD-6496 copy

moreno_DTODD-6521 copy

moreno_DTODD-6586 copy

moreno_DTODD-6602-2 copy

moreno_DTODD-6638 copy

moreno_DTODD-6660 copy

moreno_DTODD-6669 copy

moreno_DTODD-6687 copy

moreno_DTODD-6700-2 copy

moreno_DTODD-6709 copy

moreno_DTODD-6719 copy

moreno_DTODD-6731-2 EDIT copy

moreno_DTODD-6779 copy

moreno_DTODD-6798-2 copy

moreno_DTODD-6829-2 copy

moreno_DTODD-6834-2 copy

moreno_DTODD-6842 copy

moreno_DTODD-6892 copy

moreno_DTODD-6901 EDIT copy

moreno_DTODD-6918 copy

moreno_DTODD-6966 copy

I love these 4 people so much.

I am in love with these images. I hope we can recreate them throughout the years as we all grow. Thank you Duston for your eye and sharing your gift with our family.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

  1. Diane Young says:

    Love the pictures of your family! They are beautiful! As well as you!

  2. Candie Sherman says:

    beautiful photos.

  3. Cheryl Esterbrooks says:

    I see a lot of love here in these photos….you can’t hide from the happiness created from the lens of this camera!! Thank you for sharing! Beautiful!!!

  4. Susi Phelps says:

    These pictures are adorable..What a great job you all did..hats off to the photographer. I love your hair this way Lindsay. Do you still have the extensions on? If I was 20 years younger I’d try it myself..the cut not the extensions..

  5. jenny benge says:

    not only do these photos of your sweet family make me smile, they also make me a tiny bit teary-eyed with happiness for y’all. enjoy every dang second of the stage you’re in. all too soon, these precious girls will be off in college (like my oldest) or seniors in high school (like my middle) or freshmen in high school (like my baby) and oh so busy. time goes by so quickly 🙂 xoxo jennyb

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