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This is the portrait Jeremy Cowart took of me on Friday night. As we sit on the plane ready to take off for 2 other small work trips, I’m still trying to put my finger on the answer to his question that should accompany the image. He asked, us to describe our in-between. Liminal means “the space […]

The Good Life

The Space Between

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Lindsay Teague Moreno Royal Crown Diamond Singapore

Well, kids, we’re finally heading to Asia! Singapore, to be exact. We’re going to be teaching some classes in Singapore to meet the people there and really get to know that area. So check your schedule for November 15 & 18, 2015 and get your tickets. The events will be held at the Suntec Convention […]

#LadyBoss Life

The Essential Oil Experience Comes to Singapore

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I was just me and I brought to the table only what I have and it was amazing.

Michael and I just ran a marathon over the last 5 months. We started traveling in mid-march and I kid you not, tomorrow will be the first week I will not have to leave my house since. You think you love traveling until you find yourself scared to death to fly and someone throws in […]

The Good Life

I Was Just Me…

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As often as possible I want my wardrobe to be: no pants. It was not unusual for Michael to come home from work before he started working with me and find me in the same place I was when he left having still not put pants on for the day. Just being honest, I was […]

The Good Life

Time for a Wardrobe Change

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Lindsay Teague Moreno | Digital Project Life

I was telling Michael last night how much more of our life I remember when I put it in a Project Life page. I remember the little details because I took the picture, I wrote it down, I used creativity to put it together and I look at it again. It is sealed into my […]

Project Life

Remembring Every Moment

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Super Bowl 49

If you know anything about me, you know I’m pretty much a dude at heart. I’d choose football on my television, beer in my belly, hoodie and comfy pants on and a fire in the fireplace to pretty much any given situation in life. I’ve been a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan since my childhood. Born […]

The Good Life

Super Bowl Dream Come True

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