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Time for a Wardrobe Change

March 30, 2015

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As often as possible I want my wardrobe to be: no pants.

It was not unusual for Michael to come home from work before he started working with me and find me in the same place I was when he left having still not put pants on for the day. Just being honest, I was dedicated to not wearing pants. Heck, it’s still (until last week, of course) not odd to find me at 6:00pm still wearing no pants pounding away on my computer.

As I started to have to venture out of the house to teach or speak or generally be a functioning part of society last year, I found my wardrobe severely lacking in, well, pants and all the things you wear along with them that aren’t a Target Long and Lean Tank Top and Soma Vanishing Edge Panties. I’m a complete sloth and I own it.

Now that I’m trying to get back into a normal life and wear more pants, it’s time I take my wardrobe seriously. I’m not ready to dress like an old lady and I won’t even look at a Forever 21 store so I need something that works for us in-betweeners. Moms that don’t want to dress at Coldwater Creek, amiright? I’m not ready for Talbots. Thankyouverymuch.

My mom introduced me to a line of clothing called CAbi and I loved the clothes. At the time, I was in and out of maternity clothing and then we moved away and I didn’t know anyone that I could buy it from. I started buying it off of eBay but the bad news was that it was used and usually smelled like someone smoked a cigarette on them. Sick. The clothing washes like a dream and nary a stitch out of place in all the years I’ve been wearing their clothes. I took some of my mom’s pieces out of her closet and I still wear them, 5 years later. Their jackets are my happy place because layering. You know me at all, you’ve seen my jean jacket. CAbi.

Moreno Family Beach Photos

I will cry when this thing finally bites the dust. I wear it every week of my life. CAbi is the adult female version of Matilda Jane for little girls. You know it’s going to rock when it shows up. Worth every penny.

My friend Mara (whom I met in the worst place in the world, Reno, but I love dearly), is a CAbi consultant. I hadn’t purchased from her because of my whole first rant about not wearing pants…until now! I went to one of her shows this week when she was here in town and came home with some SWEET LOOT for my travels, classes and all the leaving of the house I’m going to get to do the rest of the year! Best part? I didn’t have to shop all over every store in the freaking mall to find them. One stop and done. Mix and match. It’s like a dream. Here are a few things I got and I’m so happy with them:

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

Super soft, casual summer jacket. I’m always ALWAYS cold. This was a must. I also snagged the skinny crop jeans in the curvy fit because pear shape.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

Skipped the jean shorts because I’m anti-shorts normally (it’s a pear shape thing) but did find a cute pair that are a bit longer. If I had nice legs I would have snapped these up. If you have nice legs. Rock ’em. I did get this blue cable knit tank. SO CUTE and soft. Longer in the back.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

See this skirt? REVERSIBLE and you can wear it as a tube top with a little cardigan. Has a million colors on it and the underside is a black and cream print. Yep. Sign me up.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

Grabbed me the boyfriend jeans in the curvy fit. They don’t lose their shape after 30 minutes of wearing them but they’re still a stretch feel. Also grabbed that waterfall tank and cardigan with the lace shoulder. Unique purple. Need it.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

Oh, I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the awesomeness that is leggings with a skirt built in over the top part. It’s too awesome. You’ll have to just talk to me later. Also, that long beachy shirt.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

I can’t believe I’m about to say that I’m trying this jump suit. It was so cute on the girls that had it on there, I had to. This is so out of my box it’s crazy, but it was so soft…had to.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

I am all over these white skinny’s and the jacket. It’s like a jersey fabric but looks structured. Really flattering on because of the shape. Roll up or slouch the sleeves. Yep. I’m in.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

I got this shirt simply because it is one of those classic faux wrap that my mom always wore. It’s one that CAbi brings back over and over. It’s this soft tee shirt material but REALLY flattering on all shapes. Sad to hear coffee not included. Guess I’ll make my own, thanks CAbi.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

My favorite piece that I nabbed! This lime green/citrus yellow split back top. SO CUTE! Racerback tank and some jeans? Navy espadrilles? Yea.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

Layers. Bring me layers. I got this coat because it’s adorable and you can dress it up an down. Has long pockets so it will fit your cell phone. Let’s be honest, we all care about that.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

Got this tank and the sweater. Wasn’t a huge fan of the sweater online but in person it was a big yes. Slouchy and comfy but still cute enough to look like you care that you’re in public…and that you’re wearing pants!

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

This shirt? It’s a yes. Flannel on the front and a floral pattern on the back.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

How about these cute pink jeans with the tan large knit sweater. The sleeves on the sweater are a bit longer, which I love because i don’t like my arms but the body of the sweater is long. It’s pretty much a dream come true. I can’t wait to wear this.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

Got this whole get-up because it says, “Hey look, I graduated college, I am a preppy and I probably sail in my free time,” and that’s pretty much what I want my look to communicate to the world. The coat is really more blue in real life but soft as can be.

So, look, I’m not a fan of the time it takes or how I feel when I go to the mall to shop with that size 0 judgy chick that can’t imagine looking at the size 12 or 14’s. I gotta work with what my momma and the good Lord gave me and that’s a large rear end and hips and thighs. It just is. I am my mother’s daughter. I’d still like to find clothes that fit me though and CAbi never disappoints.

If you want, get with my friend Mara and she’ll hook you up with some CAbi goods ( You can email her as well.

Hope you’re as excited as I am for a spring change in the wardrobe!

Lindsay Teague Moreno

  1. Carrie says:

    That jacket that’s paired with the white skinnys?! Um.. yes please! Sooo cute.

  2. Jen says:

    I love all of these looks!! OMG… checking site now… I hope your friend Mara is prepared for all of us!!

  3. Becka Cruze says:

    Ummm, seriously!!! Those are all darling and I want them ALL!!! Pocketbook can’t afford them all but man do I want them. Thank you for the reminder of shopping at Cabi. And I can totally related to Target Long and Lean tanks (just bought 6 last week because they were on sale).

    • Kimberly says:

      If you have ever thought about having a CAbi Show? The clothes come straight to your house, and you can achieve some Hostess discount benefit from doing a show right in your home.

  4. Sarah Voris says:

    “Hey look, I graduated college, I am a preppy and I probably sail in my free time,” and that’s pretty much what I want my look to communicate to the world.

    Pretty much!! Love it!

  5. Georgia Hine says:

    Fantastic and hilarious review of a beautiful CAbi collection! I also know Mara and she knows her stuff! Want more than you think you can afford…? Get the girls together and share the Experience for big perks!
    Thanks so much for posting/commenting on the different real-people looks CAbi (and Mara) have to offer! Bring on Spring!

  6. Lisa Ratledge says:

    Oh my, Lindsay, you chose some gorgeous pieces! I would love to splurge and purchase some of these, but still have a good deal of weight to lose and I’m not even sure that Cabi has sizing that would fit me. Maybe in 6 months I can go on a Cabi shopping spree!

  7. Alexandra Sanders says:

    Glad you posted this because I’ve been looking for some items other than Target jeans and tees. I joined Stitch Fix and the surprise was “cute” at first, but I’m over it. I didn’t keep a thing from my last order and was pretty disappointed. I’ll be reaching out to Mara. Thanks for the recommendations!

  8. Catherine says:

    I love the fact that you shared that you wear no pants. I quite regularly (read: most days) declare the day to be a PAJAMA PARTY day and we all sloth around in jammies. I don’t like to be uncomfortable and I’m not ashamed to admit it 🙂

  9. Christin Lamont says:

    I haven’t heard of Cabi before so I’m excited to check it out.
    I’ve been wanting to change my wardrobe as well. My wardrobe consists of 40+skirts and dresses plus 3 pair of pants . I don’t wear pants for the same reason as you. As I get older I’m embracing my curves more. Who’s got time to worry about having a large backside and hips .” I got big butt and I can not lie “.
    Thanks for sharing your finds ~

  10. Cinda says:

    #1 Proof you’re not old…Coldwater Creek went under and closed all their stores. Im super sad because it was a secret place for awesome casual business outfits. Everything I have from there I get complimented on. BooOoo. #2 if your nsme is Cinda, never wear a skirt as a tube top. EVER EVA EVIR. I did this once and whilst stretching, my top fell down at work. In front of 3 guys. Yep. The end.

  11. Cheryl Esterbrooks says:

    I love the short sleeve long sweater!! Are they true to size?? And I have ALWAYS LOVED your Jean jacket!!!

  12. Crystal Burchfield says:

    LOVE it!!!!!!!!! Looking into this because hey, there are certain times that call for dressing in something other than my pj’s. 😉 Looking forward to the med cruise with you!!

  13. Tena says:

    love Cabi I used to have a rep but don’t know what happened to her! I will definitely be getting ahold of Mara. Loved all the new outfits you picked!

  14. Stacy Peterson says:

    Ummm so I totally scored a CAbi jacket like the black one up top from the Thrift Store for 50 cents. I love it! And now I’m going shopping…

  15. Robyn Tanaka says:

    Oh my.. You are an ENABLER… 🙂 But in the best way possible… Do you have this CAbi Person’s contact info? I seriously need a wardrobe change… Jeans/Sneakers/Polo shirt should not be part of my everyday attire.. UGh… I want to look cute, and casual, yet have it still be something I could wear to work (Obviously it’s not super dressy here)..

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