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If you run a business, by now, you’ve probably heard of stock images, yeah? Businesses have been using them for years to market their products because they are easier to use than shooting your own photographs all the time. The latest trend is styled stock or you might know them as flatlays. I love these because […]

#LadyBoss Life

4 Creative Ways To Use Styled Stock Images

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I realize that I never shared my 2016 Project Life page for my Weekend in Black and White project I do throughout the year. I love capturing the girls in their natural environment. Just being who they are at this moment — doing normal things. On this day we played dolls, we went for pedicures, […]

The Good Life

Our Weekend in Black and White in Project Life

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I said I’d share my black and white conversion tips for you guys and I’m making good on that. I’m going to show you a very quick and dirty way to get your photos out of the color mode and into a simple black and white that looks decent. Mind you, this isn’t going to […]

Project Life

Quick and Dirty Black and White.

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I used to be awesome. I used to take my trusty Canon 5D MarkIII out with me all over the place and capture my girls being who they are. The great thing about that is that they got so used to me taking pictures, they stopped posing. They just went about their business and pretty […]

The Good Life

Our Weekend in Black & White

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little girls big dreams Lindsay Teague Moreno Blog

Here’s something you should know about me up front, I’m not a birthday person. I think it’s great when other people are, it’s just not how I was raised. So birthday parties are always an afterthought for my kiddos. I much prefer to celebrate Christmas in a big way. I do try to give my […]

The Good Life

A Child Bride

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Waiting for someone else to make you happy is the best way to be sad. Lindsay Teague Moreno

Yesterday was one of those days. The one where you just want to throw in the towel. The day all of the work and intentions and negativity shows up at the door and demands to be paid in their currency known as attention. On days like that, you can’t escape the sadness and the curiosity […]

The Good Life

I See You, Woman!

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