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Our Weekend in Black & White

August 1, 2016

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I used to be awesome.

I used to take my trusty Canon 5D MarkIII out with me all over the place and capture my girls being who they are. The great thing about that is that they got so used to me taking pictures, they stopped posing. They just went about their business and pretty soon, I was just a fly on the wall. It has made for some great photographic moments. Like this one…

boston crying

Look at her tiny little crying face so mad because she couldn’t have something. She doesn’t really do this anymore because she’s older. She’s 7 and not 2. She doesn’t make the same sounds. She doesn’t have the same cheeks. She doesn’t hang on my leg like she used to. And this one…

teagan makeup

There’s still chubby in her hands. She was wearing my scarf on her head because she wanted long straight hair like me. Oh my gosh I miss these days. I can remember them because I took these pictures. It almost makes me lose my breath because, moms, how is it possible to miss it when all we wanted was for it to be gone? Is that not the most unfair and confusing feeling? To look back and miss what you only wanted to make it through alive? How? It’s a question I have for God because I cannot make sense of it.

In 2013, I stopped carrying my camera everywhere and started working everywhere. Isn’t it a cruel thing to do something for your kids at the expense of time with them? It’s turned out to be the right thing but as I was sifting through my old hard drives trying to organize them, I realize how much my creative eye has missed. I haven’t watched them though my lens and I see them the best though that tiny eye-piece. I see them as a beautiful piece of art, as a moment gone forever and not as a kid who’s whining and won’t be getting her way anytime soon. I see them as subjects and not my kids who must be “mommed.” I’m better with my face smashed into the back of my camera.

As I did more sorting, I decided now is the time to get back into it. To see them though my lens again and not just through the snap of my iPhone shutter button. It’s not the same, for me at least. God gave me the love of photography for a reason and I think it was to be able to give my kids the gift of their story before they were old enough to tell it.

So this weekend, I decided to do what I used to do and capture it. I used to call it “Our Weekend in Black and White” and that’s what it shall continue to be called. So here it is…

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

I challenge you to see your kids though your lens this weekend coming up. Just observe them and take pictures of what they do at this age. I’ll give you my black and white conversion tips this week so you’re fully prepared. It’s easy as pie. You’ll appreciate it in a couple of years when they’re 2 years older and 2 years closer to not being around to document.

Here’s to the hardest job I’ve ever had, Moms! This is just one step we can take in the name of doing the best we can.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

  1. Jenn says:

    Oh my. You I inspire me to learn how to use my canon better. Love these. What a treasure.

  2. Chelsea says:

    Precious moments! Your girls are beautiful <3

  3. Alicia Ahalt says:


  4. Stacy Montero Morris says:

    Adorable! Your girls are so pretty. Love that Michael is so involved too! Great pictures and great reminder to be present.

  5. Jessica Hanna says:

    Thank you. Love this…

  6. Lisa Romeo says:

    Great pictures of your family! I love B&W photography! And realized scrolling through your photos that I haven’t picked up my canon in a long time. Going to make sometime this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Cheryl Esterbrooks says:

    Good Job Lindsay! These are Beautiful! Full of Life! The way things should be! I’ve said this before….”a photo not taken is a memory lost” don’t loose to many! I’ve had a HUGE interest in photography since I got an antique pop up camera from my dad in 7th grade..always wanted to be a photographer. The closest success I had was selling my photo cards to the Split Rock Lighthouse gift shop! It made me happy that my cards were being purchased and sent all over the world! And then my daughter Jenny made my dream come true thru her, she became a photographer! And met you…the rest is History! Love ya fine Lady! Keep snapping!! ?

  8. Carrie Featherston says:

    Challenge accepted! I am seriously looking forward to learning how to use my camera and capture my mini me’s

  9. says:

    Made me smile. Thank you!

  10. Michelle Gifford says:

    Challenge accepted. ?

  11. Anne Lively Leeper says:

    My camera has been neglected for some time as well. I thank you for this inspiration as my first grandchild was born this past weekend and we will be going to meet him this weekend in Wyoming. I will have my camera at the ready to capture all the precious moments as ours will be rare and far between. I look forward to your conversion tips as I haven’t done much with black and white. (I’m a Nikon person but hopefully you won’t hold that against me ?)

  12. Jennifer Boyd says:

    Great photos!! And I love what you wrote! ??

  13. Marti Lve says:

    I love black and white also even the old movies in b/w. Somehow black and white captures more details then color. Jaime, Erin’s sister does a lot in black and white. Beautiful pictures, Lindsay!

  14. Jacqueline says:

    Love this! Can you share what lens you used? I have such a difficult time with the indoor photography.

  15. Staci says:

    Your girls are so beautiful ?

  16. Heather says:

    Teach me!!! Haha! I love taking pictures, the editing (like what software to pick, etc.) is what overwhelms me!

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