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1 Trick For Defining Your Business Goals

April 25, 2018

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Anywhere you look, there’s someone telling you to set goals for you business, but defining them isn’t always easy. Or is it?

What if there was a trick that would help you define and measure your goals, and even motivate you to achieve them?

It’s time to get SMART!

Maybe you’ve heard of setting SMART goals, but haven’t put them into action. Or if you have, it hasn’t been for long enough to make a difference.

Let’s change that. The SMART goals method is your ticket to achieving more.

Here’s a breakdown of what all this means:

S is for SPECIFIC: You need to dial down and spell out exactly what your goal is. For example, one of your goals might be to build up your email list, but that’s not specific. You need to answer the WHO, WHAT, WHY, and WHEN first in order to find out what’s required to achieve this goal. Who are you targeting to get on your email list? What will you do to get them? Why do you want to build the list? When does this need to take place? A specific goal would be that you want to build your email list giving away free PDFs, in order to build a potential customer base for your next product launch.

M is for MEASURABLE: How will you measure building your email list? Maybe you want to increase the overall number by 20% in the next 3 months. This is pretty easy to set once you’ve got a specific goal.

A is for ATTAINABLE: So now you know you want a 20% increase in your email list in the next 3 months. Is that attainable for you? Take a minute to compare this goal to your previous performance and see if you need to scale it back a little. You might even need to increase it. The point is that we want to achieve these goals so stretch, but don’t reach so far that you’ll never achieve it in that set time.

R is for RELEVANT: Let’s say want to build up your email list, but you don’t even have a website yet. Would this goal move your business further or do you need to work on the website first? Make sure your goal is relevant to your growth right now.

T is for TIME BOUND: This is one of the most important parts so listen up! You must give yourself a deadline on this goal. Give yourself a due date and stick to it!

Seems doable, right? You can totally do this!

The next step is to set up an action plan – stay tuned for that post.


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