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We’re 5!

December 1, 2012

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Happy 5th Anniversary to the love of my life and the dude that runs the show at our house: M.

Lindsay & Michael's Anniversary

5 years ago. Can’t believe it’s been that long. I know everyone says it but it does NOT feel that long. I am so blessed by the presence of my husband in my life…can’t even explain it. Thank you, God, for it! We’re 5 years in and he still does it for me and I like him a little more every day! We work together extremely efficiently and we’ve really been through a lot in these 5 years. It’s good.

Every year I get M a traditional anniversary gift. I started it on the first year and I am always thinking about the next year until the day comes! Here is the list of what I’ve gotten him so far:

Year 1 | Paper: A framed print of one of my maternity shots (we were short on cash and expecting twins in a week).

Year 2 | Cotton: A new robe and slippers to help him through our first Colorado winter (I wear this robe all the time).

Year 3 | Leather: A new leather-bound Bible and the Love Dare book.

Year 4 | Fruit: A bottle of our favorite wine that we drank in Italy together, Brunello Montalcino (which we drank this past Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, this year I’ve developed my first allergy and it’s to red wine and I could only have a couple of sips of it…boooo).

Year 5 | Wood: I thought long and hard about this years gift. I ended up having an illustrator create a picture of our family. There are many special, little details in it and one of them is a wood-burning fire place to signify our 5th anniversary.

Happy Family Illustration

I had it printed as a stand out and we’re hanging it in our new house Yay! I love the Rocky Mountains in the back, the humming bird to signify my mom, the girls with tutu’s and pointed toes wrestling, the couch I love, my camera, our family verse, and the colors. It’s all amazing.

Happy Anniversary, Babe! I’m the lucky one!

Lindsay Teague Moreno

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