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We Did It!

March 12, 2022

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This week I realized, we did it!

M and I made a long-term plan for how we’d like to (eventually) retire and made huge moves toward making that vision reality. We are so close to being settled back in Arizona, Part 1 of the plan. So close.

It turns out that moving when you also work from that home is a huge challenge. And when I say challenge, I mean it sucks real bad. My cussing game, which is admittedly professional level, was on fire!

It also turns out that if you believe in a plan enough, you can do even the worst task with a smile (and lots of help). By far, the worst task was selling my Barbie Dream House.

We moved ourselves, my in-laws, and our businesses back to Arizona last summer as we simultaneously took a 3-month road trip with the kids. It was wild and hard and perfect all at the same time.

This is our home. The place Michael was born. The place I grew up. I know every back road, and I’ve got stories of things I did/saw on almost every corner in Tempe, Ahwatukee, Gilbert, and Chandler. “My brother slammed my finger in a door at that bowling alley,” or “I stole trays from that Burger King and went tray surfing while hanging onto a moving car.” Listen. I didn’t claim that the stories were good. 🤣

We left for 12 years, and we knew that this was the year we needed to go home.

Like I said, we are almost settled in now. Each night I see that neon, rainbow, Arizona sunset, I am rewarded with a knowing this is where I am meant to be.

Kennedy, who is 11 and never lived in Arizona before, said she hopes she lives here forever. She is loving the 70* winters. Of course, she hasn’t had a taste of the crisp 122* that summer brings yet. 🥵 In those months, you’ll find us in the Montana mountains.

Making retirement plans sound really, REALLY strange. I am not old enough for that. Until I was. 41 and making plans to live out my days between Arizona, Utah, and Montana. 41 and investing in the vision now. 41 and realizing I don’t have to do this on the normal timeline. 41 and completely open to what comes next.

What I know is that when you get that feeling in your gut, heart, or mind that tells you, “this ain’t it,” listen to it. Make the bold move.


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