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The 7 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common

October 11, 2017

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Have you ever wondered why one of your competitors seems to always be one step ahead of you or why she seems to be able to close more sales than you can?

Part of that may be her competitive advantage. 

When it comes to entrepreneurship, there are seven characteristics that many successful business owners have. They’re called competencies and they help them stay one step ahead of their competitors.

There’s a good chance you have some, too!

In my latest episode of the Boss Up! Podcast, 7 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common, find out how you can develop the competencies needed to sustain a successful business.

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If this sounds hard, don’t worry! I’m going to explain competencies and break down one of them even further so you can see where you can improve in your business. 

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to listen. I can’t believe we’re already on Episode 19! I’m loving doing these podcasts and it means a lot to read all the positive feedback.

If you have an extra minute would leave me a rate and review? This helps spread the word and my goal is to get these podcasts in front of as many momtrepreneurs as possible! I would so appreciate your feedback. Thank you!


  1. Tammy Hocking says:

    Oh my GOSH!! Where have you been ALL MY LIFE?!?! “I like Wine… You like Wine …We are Winos Alike”. Cereally now… I LOVE your PodCast!! I feel so inspired when I listen to you and just love the way you “teach”! You have such a “gift” of “gab” (by taking on any business topic and making it attainable and enjoyable to learn). Keep on “doin whatcha do” because you are turning people’s lives around one PodCast at a time. YOU’RE THE BEST!

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