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So, it turns out that the Instant Pot is the Crock Pot of 2006. It’s everywhere and it’s madness. Remember how all the cool moms were making crock pot meals in 2006 like it was some kind of mushy food revolution? Well, we’re back, baby and this time, it’s the InstantPot (which is like a brand new, […]

The Good Life

Instant Pot Madness

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31 Things Day 28 & 29

Can’t believe we’re almost through all 31 stories. A lot of time went into these so I’m happy to see the project completed. I’m glad that my girls will have a very real and unfluffy view of who I am right now and what I’m feeling in this stage of life. I’m sure in another […]

Project Life

31 Things: Story 28 & 29

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It’s hard to put a price on convenience, especially when it comes to 3 little ones. One thing we do to make our lives a little bit easier is use paper plates and paper bowls. It creates less mess, less dishes, less stress. I can simply throw everything away when the girls are done eating […]

The Good Life

Cutting Back: Diner Baskets to the Rescue

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