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Today, I’m 4 pounds and 9 inches smaller than I was last week. Let me tell you something, doing this whole diet thing? It’s rough. You have to get yourself into this mindset where you’re finally tired of feeling the way you do. For me, that comes and goes until about a month ago. I […]

The Good Life

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

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Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life

Continuing our catchup on on the Project Life front. WEEK EIGHT Back to my regular bright style here. This was a busy week but still very typical. I included a card about what we have been watching. The girls were into Wreck-It Ralph and M & I were watching The West Wing. The most fun […]

Project Life

Project Life Week 8

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Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life Digital

What’s up, week 6 of 2013! It was good to live you. This week I was very photo heavy (20 photos), so I used a lot of mini templates (thankyouverymuch, Cathy Zielske). I don’t think it looks overly cluttered, though, which is why these templates are a must-have for my Project Life spreads. Let’s get […]

Project Life

Project Life 2013 Week 6

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Wake Up is a podcast about growth and fulfillment. In her authentic style, Lindsay will entertain you and make you laugh while pushing you to show up for yourself and recognize how powerful you really are. Buckle up; you're about to grow! 

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