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January 5, 2015

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Clearly, I’m too busy to blog. I’m too busy to even walk across my room to get coffee in the morning. I welcome this busy because it is serving my family well. I LOVE my job. Did I mean to get a job this year? Nope. Did I mean to throw a wrench in the plans our family had as far as my husband’s career is concerned? Nope. Did God care what I meant to do? You guessed it, nope. We are here and we are walking through the doors that He is opening for us.

I have been asked for an update on how business was shaping up since last I wrote (summer) and I’ve finally decided that it’s time to just write it. What you’re looking at here is a 1-year-at-a-glance business outline. I’m showing it to you guys so you know it’s doable and real, not so I can do the happy dance with you. I do the happy dance every day when I think about this stuff…I do, don’t judge. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a) friends with a lemon dropper b) curious about what to expect or c) have no idea what I’m talking about, in which case, “hi! sorry for the regular blog hijack!” I hope this information helps you on your path. If it’s to become a Lemon Dropper, that’s awesome. If it’s to just use the oils for your family, that’s awesome too, because, guys, the oils are LEGIT!!!



I started with Young Living in February. I got my kit (which I paid $150 for 11 oils and have run a train on those things) and had 2 friends that said they wanted to try a few oils too and they signed up right behind me with my number. I still wasn’t sure that this whole oils business was for me as far as the direct marketing thing, but I sure was down to get my oils paid for every month, and so, that was my goal. I’ll just sign up enough people so that I can have free oils every month. SCORE. Here’s what February looked like for me
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 6
Total number of people “under me”: 8 (one person that signed up under me signed up 2 people)
Check total for February: $389.82
There were 8 people in my “team” at the end of the first month of having these oils in my house. What did I do to get them? I just posted a couple of pictures of my oils on my facebook so that my friends could see what I was up to and I told the truth about what I thought about them. What did I not do? chase people down. I never once sent an email to someone who didn’t ask me for information first and that’s the God’s honest truth. That’s not my bag. At this point,  I was not open to doing this as a business so it never occurred to me that people would try to “sell” this product.



Totally shocked by the fact that in my first month with almost no work, I was able to get my oils paid for plus some, I decided, “hmmmm, maybe this could work in March too.” By this time, my friend, Monique, who has the same vision for what does and does not work in this arena started putting together videos with strategies on how to most effectively earn the most money within the YL payout confines. It’s a numbers game and she figured it out. The awesome thing about that? I didn’t have to sit and watch the compensation video 800 times to get it. She did it for me and then spelled it out for me so that I could understand it. So, I just continued doing what I was doing, I started to understand the pay structure through YL and I started directing my friends that thought they might be interested in working the business to the same videos. Here’s what March looked like:
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 4
Total People that were signed “under me” (this includes the previous month as well, it just keeps building): 28
Check total for March: $640.94
Unknowingly, in March, I laid a lot of foundation. I build a new Brand alongside Monique for the Lemon Droppers, I decided 100% I was going to do this thing after I was inspired to create a marketing piece to explain how to use oils. I answered A LOT of emails…a lot. Obviously, they didn’t all sign up in March, though. Which is cool. I don’t chase people and I don’t pressure people. So let’s move onto April.



April was the first full month that I was in this thing for the long haul and I was now not only looking to get my oils paid for, I was prepared to make money.  A lot of it. The more the better. If I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it, dang it! I was divinely inspired to start creating marketing one night at the end of the previous month and it was out of my hands after that. It was a BIG month. What did I do differently? Not a thing. I answered emails, I posted what I’m up to and what I think the oils could do for people, I made some marketing materials that I believe are relevant and not cheesy, typical, multi-level stuff, I posted pictures and I was honest about what these oils were doing for my family. That’s the key. I am being so real about them. I’m not going to compromise that about this adventure.
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 26
Total People that were signed “under me” (this includes the previous months as well, it just keeps building): 97
Check total for April: $3,033.15



Month #4 for me. May was the beginning of summer and the first month that is typically much slower than the previous months and the fall months. Every month I get nervous that what we did the previous months were just a fluke but despite the typically slow months we still grew. Our growth rate was slower than in April but we still grew by 165%! WHAT?!?!
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 23
Total People that were signed “under me” (this includes the previous months as well, it just keeps building): 207
Check total for May: $3,686,16



June was my 5th month. Again, June is a summer month, which means slow growth for most people. We took it as a challenge this month and really worked to organize our large number and make sure we were prepared for the fall. Our growth was 160%!
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 10
Total People that were signed “under me” (this includes the previous months as well, it just keeps building): 358
Check total for June: $4,824.36



Month #6. We weren’t sure how July was going to go because YL was making some changes to their starter kit. We thought we had enough momentum to really bring it home with the awesome deal on the new kit, but we just weren’t sure if people were going to be as excited about it as we were. You know how you get all jacked up about things and other people are like, “ummm, what’s the big deal?” Well, we sure didn’t want that. Good news, the new kit was a GIGANTIC home run and we more than doubled our business from the months previous.
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 22
Total People that were signed “under me” (this includes the previous months as well, it just keeps building): 824
Check total for July: $7,623.00



Ugh…August. Tough month. I was literally blindsided by a massive kidney stone in August. HUGE. 5-6mm. That sucker would NOT come out. I dealt with it for the month of August. Guess how much I worked? Yea, not a lot. That doesn’t mean we didn’t still see growth, however because I don’t do this alone. I have the best team in all the land and we work with each other, not against. We have a common vision and it is exciting…even when you feel like you’re dying.
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 8
Total number of people “under me”: 1,172
Check total for August: $5,813.32



In September I had kidney surgery to have my stone removed and a stent was put in. Let me tell you what, I’ll never, ever, ever do that again. I’d rather suffer with a stone than feel that kind of bladder pain. I finally got back into the swing by the end of the month. Between August and September I feel like the slow growth as a whole was my own fault for not being “in” during that time.
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 14
Total People that were signed “under me”): 1,495
Check total for September: $7,084.35



We were really working in October. I was knee-deep in 2 huge marketing projects for our team and our growth was big. Real big. At this point we had started seeing a lot of replication of our own success below us and we KNEW we were onto something really special and really rare. It was an amazing month.
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 17
Total People that were signed “under me”: 2,192
Check total for October: $8,815.23



Prepping for Christmas. It was a crazy month…crazy awesome. Seriously, I have no words about the place my paycheck has gone from this month on. Clearly, God is driving this train down the tracks because it’s moving with our without me.
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 12
Total People that were signed “under me”: 3,050
Check total for November: $12,156.40



December was my first vacation since I started on this oils thing. It was much needed and I was completely away from work for 11 days. Christmas also means a bit slower month as people are busy and focused on their families…as they should be. Still saw growth but just not at our average 60%.
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 6
Total People that were signed “under me”: 4,177
Check total for December: $14,226.39



Wow. Just wow. January blew away my expectations. So big. We had a HUGE jump. This team is blowing. my. mind. I can’t believe this journey. I can’t believe how big this is. I can’t believe what a huge blessing this has been. I just can’t believe it. It almost makes me ugly face cry because who am I? It’s so beyond me. I truly have the most amazing, enthusiastic, excited team that cares more about the product than the paycheck and THAT, my friends, is the key. The oils are so good and the money is a great, big, giant cherry on top of that sundae.
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 6
Total People that were signed “under me”: 6,355
Check total for January: $23,354.13

Here’s YL’s income disclosure statement so you can see the average incomes, which has the “weird factor” that I try to avoid in this business, but it’s required to post if I’m going to be honest with you about my numbers: Why do typical direct sales people always have to make this business weird? I’ll never understand…but I digress.


So…what are your thoughts? If you’re thinking to yourself, “this can’t be real” yea, I feel you. You can believe that I’m thinking the same thing. If your’e thinking, “this is too good to be true,” yea, me too. If you’re thinking, “there’s no way I can do that,” I’m gonna have to stop you there because I’ve seen too many people do exactly this behind me to support you on that. It all starts with loving the oils. Truly it does. If you do that, the rest will follow you. It just will. This is my path. This is where I’m supposed to be and I’ve never loved a “job” so much in my life…ever. The Lemon Droppers are a special group. We do things differently, we’re breaking the mold, we couldn’t be more excited about it.

You guys know you can always come to me with questions and I’m willing to be 100% transparent with you. I want to take all of the weird and the mystery out of this. Always.


  1. Denise Parker says:

    Thank you for being our fearless leader, but even more importantly, thank you for being a Christ like example of our Saviour Jesus Christ. I believe success comes not only from hard work but being right with our Heavenly Father. It shows with you & your success. I am seeing it to in my life. Thank you for all your time, talents, knowledge, love & sacrifice (from your family too) that you so graciously give. You laid a wonderful foundation for my upline & therefore blessing me too. I am honored to be on this journey with you & I know my Jesus has placed me here. Can’t wait to see what the future holds. I “KNOW” it’s going to BOOM here, it’s just a matter of time. Love your sister in Christ & fellow Lemondropper, Denise

  2. Danielle Martin says:

    I think every lemon dropper should read this once a week! I know i will! #teamnolimits #loyaltotheoil

    Great blog!

    (Started January 2015, current ranking = executive)

  3. Sunnie Hall says:

    WOW, what an inspiring testimony. I have only been in a couple of months and have benefiyed from the freebies.
    I’m not a salesperson and love these products for my own use. I also have a husband with alzheimers, crippling and very stressful for us both. I am trying some of the recommended oils for both of us t o help deal with daily living.
    So far, so good. His forgetfulness has not stopped but the way I deal with it has improved. I know the EO has benefited both of us and I am so thankful to God for opening this door.

  4. Sharma Cooper Denman says:

    I love this reality!!!

  5. Wow all I can say!

  6. Debra Smithey Thurman says:

    Wow this is so exciting! Can’t wait!!!

  7. Claudia says:

    Wow amazing! I am struggling seems like I am following all the “rules” and sharing my love for the oils but I don’t see any grown. It has been almost a year and I am a stat and my biggest commission was $175. I wish I knew what I am NOT doing because I need this BAD.

  8. Sue Thelen says:

    This is so uplifting and inspiring! So happy for you!

  9. Laura says:

    I am so inspired by your story. I love how you started out because that’s how I feel right now. I will be praying and I will return to your story for inspiration. I’m excited to start this journey.

  10. Michelle Darwin says:

    Wow! I am so excited to be on this journey! Learned how to share this with others that are interested.Very inspiring.

  11. Beth says:

    I am just beginning my journey with our group, and this is super encouraging for me. What an amazing leap to an amazing success!

  12. Martha Rocco says:

    Very inspiring. Thank you for this!

  13. Erika Zewiey says:

    I just started to actively sell the oils and I can’t wait to see what unfolds! Thanks for the information and the breakdown. Such an inspiring success story. I am so happy I am part of the lemon droppers!

  14. I love reading these types of posts! It’s very inspiring! I’ve seen huge growth in my group in just a few months, but your growth was amazing! I guess I’m struggling with finding “biz people.” Some don’t want to have any “oil” contact or be in the groups, which hurts – many people are frustrated because they don’t like the system and therefore get frustrated and refuse to sign up for ER because they don’t want to deal with it. Many won’t attend classes to learn more, and out of 104 people under me, there has only been ONE other person that has sold anything! I feel kind of defeated, but I’m curious about how you got others to participate and even hop on the “selling” bandwagon. I’m not a nagger and I am trying hard not to be a micromanager 🙂

  15. Miranda says:

    Wat een super resultaat op zo’n korte tijd. Proficiat!!

  16. Shelby Pope says:

    So encouraging! Thank you for sharing your amazing story and the doors God continued to open.

  17. Lindsay,
    This is exactly the type of inspiration I was looking for.
    Thank you for sharing your amzing journey with YLEO.
    God Bless,

  18. Davie Watkins says:

    This is absolutely incredible!!!! I’ve searched here for more recent monthly check updates but haven’t found them yet… Do they exist? Simply AMAZING!!!!! 🙂

  19. Yvonne says:

    Wow. Totally amazing. Thank you.

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