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Simplify Social Media With This 1 Trick

March 14, 2018

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Social media is intimidating for some people, but it’s necessary if you’re a business owner so let’s simplify it with one easy trick.

Now, this isn’t totally mind-blowing, but I think people are missing it and getting overwhelmed.


Pick 1 or 2 platforms and focus on them exclusively instead of chasing after ALL the social media.

Easy, right?

Here comes the part that requires a little work.

You need to develop a solid strategy for whichever platform you pick. 

No more winging it. If you want to grow, it’s going to take consistency and in order to be consistent you need to plan.

Your plan might be different to suit the needs of your brand, but I suggest posting once a day at the most optimal time for best results.

Use your main feed to post the really meaty, valuable content and use your stories feed to post more candid stuff about you and your life. You can do several of these a day. I’ve read it’s good to do 15 minimum, up to 30 maximum, but I think it varies. Try it out and see what your audience reacts best to.

Here’s what I did:

At different points over the last couple of years I’ve put my focus completely on one platform at a time and it’s really paid off.

For a while it was Facebook. Particularly doing live videos.

I got a TON of engagement from those and it really helped to grow my following there.

After that I focused on Instagram exclusively and the same thing happened – my following grew.

The common thread here?

I was consistent, but I was also really focused on putting out valuable content. 

In return for the likes and follows and comments I gave my audience something they wanted.

Tips, advice, vulnerability and connection, free downloads, etc.

So, if you’re struggling, try focusing on just one or two platforms at a time. Plan your content and give the best value you can think of.

Growth won’t happen overnight, but I believe it won’t take long to see some movement if you keep at it.




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