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How To Overcome Self-Doubt As A Momtrepreneur

January 15, 2018

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Self-doubt. I don’t know a woman out there who hasn’t dealt with it.

And it’s a terrible feeling, amirite?

Unfortunately, it’s one that pops up a lot for female business owners. It’s so easy to let it creep in.

I’ve got this innate desire for people to like me so, if I’m not careful, self-doubt can stop me in my tracks.

Am I working hard enough?

Is this even valuable to anyone?

What if I post this and everyone hates it?

Self-doubt can be totally paralyzing when you aren’t sure how to deal with it.

Let’s talk about some ways to overcome it:

  1. Feelings. You’ve got to feel them. I know, I know. I’m rolling my eyes at myself right now because feelings are just a no for me. But to get past this stuff you need to sit down and be honest about what you’re feeling. Ask yourself why you’re feeling this way and what is the absolute worst that happens if you’re right? Usually you will find it sounds silly and the worst is really nothing.
  2. Get to work. After you’ve taken some time with your feelings the next step is to go back to work. Put your head down and start taking small steps toward your goal. You’d be surprised how much a small sense of accomplishment makes you forget your doubts.
  3. Quit comparing yourself to her. And her. And her. I’m serious. This is the worst thing you can do to feed your self-doubt. Who cares if she is doing more, better, faster? That is not your story and it doesn’t change your journey. The hard truth is that the longer you waste watching her and comparing, the less time you have to crush your own goal. So. Stop.
  4. Talk about it. Call a friend, text a trusted business partner, sit down with your spouse. Tell them out loud what your fears are and let them giggle a little at you because it’s sounds ridiculous! After they are done giggling take any advice or support they can give.
  5. Just move forward anyway. This is a tough one, but it will make a huge difference. Get your mind off self-doubt any way you can and move forward with your work and life. Leaving those negative feelings behind will take a huge weight off your shoulders!

Listen, none of us are immune to self-doubt.

I don’t care how much success you’ve seen or how on-fire your business is right now.

It’s not easy to be vulnerable and admit we have these feelings, but it helps us all when we do.

I hope these words help you today and in the future to get rid of the self-doubt and go out and get after your dreams!


  1. Melanie Gray says:

    Thank you. I have been working on this the past six months. And yes to all the above ways to get past it.

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