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Why You Need To Be Using Instagram Stories

November 15, 2017

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I hope by now you’re at least on Instagram and using it to build your brand and promote your business.

Next step?

Instagram Stories. I love them. Personally, I look at Stories before my feed lately.

If you aren’t already using it, here’s why you need to start:

  • It’s fun! Seriously, once you get over the fear of trying it, I promise you’ll have a lot of fun. Don’t go crazy and overthink this either. They’re only up for 24 hours so while you want to get the most out of your post, you don’t need to spend 6 months developing a strategy.
  • You can share your life in “real time.” IG Stories makes it really easy to go behind-the-scenes and share your life. Candid stuff that won’t make the cut for your newsfeed is great here.
  • Authenticity wins! If you do this right, you can connect authentically with your audience. Show them you are a real person and not just a series of curated posts and photos.
  • Use it to direct your audience somewhere. Do you want people to read your latest post, or head over to your blog, or sign up for your newsletter? Tell them in your stories!
  • It keeps your feed clean. You know that series of photos you have from your weekend adventures? You love them and want to share them, but posting 5 times in a row on your newsfeed probably isn’t the best strategy. Put one on your newsfeed and the rest of them up in your stories. This way you can give a little info about each without doing too much on your feed.

Sounds good, right? I hope you’re going to start your first story right now.


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  1. Susan Minich says:

    I never thought about it leaving my feed clean! Good point! I really am afraid of live stories.

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