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August 15, 2015

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As you know, it’s my first week back home after months of straight travel. My brain is vomiting out information and to-do lists at me. None in any conceivable order, of course.

Since I’m home, I’m getting back into a regular work routine and I’m noticing that just being back and sitting down at my computer is making me feel so much better about work. I’ve been talking to my counselor about feeling like I’m not getting anything done but now that I’m looking back, I think I was just not here to do anything with great consistency. Whew. This has been a fruitful work week.

Last month, I decided to give Periscope a real go. Nobody I knew had used it and I wanted to see if there might be something there that I was missing in my own business when it comes to communication.

What is Periscope, you might be wondering? Well, let me tell you.


Periscope is an app for your phone (Apple or Android) where you can catch live broadcasts by people that you know and actually communicate with them during the session. For example, during my periscope session, you could actually log into the feed and choose to make a comment about what I’m saying or ask a question. I’m getting used to talking while reading at the same time. It is harder than I thought it was going to be. That’s a lie, it’s virtually impossible. I basically awkwardly look down at the comments and make everyone else stare at my face as I try to read the tiny comments that show up on my phone screen.

About a month ago on a Tuesday evening, I reluctantly gave Periscoping a try for the first time and it was a hit. I loved it. I scheduled a training session for Thursday and it has been viewed quite a bit. Enough that it makes me think there’s something here that people are craving. So I will continue to make this a part of both my work and my life. I talk about work some and I talk about my normal life some. I think you should check it out!

Lindsay Teague Moreno on Periscope

I have made a goal to give so much usable and good content on this app that eventually I edge out some of those Yahoos that rank on the front page. Some of them aren’t even entertaining. Some of them are seriously just horrible, let’s be honest. We can do better.  So get those heart finger ready because I’m ready with some tips and tricks and ideas and fun stuff for your business and your life.

Here are some of the periscope sessions that I’ve done. I haven’t saved and shared all of them but here are some important ones, I think. You can download the periscope app for Apple or Android and find me @LindsayTeague. Thanks guys, I hope these are helpful.

Periscope Class: What Your Personal Brand Says About You (CLASS)

LTM Quick Tip: How to Make Your Customers Feel Valued

LTM Quick Tip: The Share Button is the Devil

Leaders are Readers: Summer Must-Reads

LTM Quick Tip: How NOT to Mess Up Your Periscope Following

REAL Talk: Leadership Lean-In

LTM Quick Tips: From an Old Journal

Life is too Important to be Taken Seriously

Periscope Q&A

LTM Quick Tip: Complaining vs. Solution Searching

LTM Quick Tip: You’re Always Interviewing

Monday Morning Scary Thing and Q&A

LTM Quick Tip: What to do When You’re Tired

LTM Quick Tip: What to do When Your Business is Slow

LTM Quick Tip: Avoiding Commodity Status

The Things My Team is Failing at is What I’m Failing at

Michael & Lindsay at Convention (FULL SESSION)

I hope to see you guys on Periscope, come say hi!

Lindsay Teague Moreno

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