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It’s Still Me. Lindsay.

February 24, 2022

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Hey guys. 👋🏼 it’s still me, Lindsay, here.

And yet, as many of you have noticed, it’s not me at all.

Starting in 2019, I’ve undergone some real change in my life.

Changes that have led me to crossroad after crossroad, where I was forced to make a choice about who I really am.

After shedding old skin over and over, I realized I was held captive by the labels I was given (and believed) and the labels I gave myself.

Labels like outspoken, entrepreneur, competition, Christian, xenial, author, friend, enemy, wife, mother, curvy, disruptor, blond, poor, rich, conservative, emotionally withdrawn. The list built each time I said, “I am (fill in the blank).” Humans love labels in tiny packages with pretty bows.

The problem with the label isn’t that they don’t describe me; it’s that each comes with an underlying belief about how a label should behave or should think. And I almost never fit the description. Which led me to a lot of thoughts like, “what’s wrong with me?” and “why am I broken?” and “this doesn’t feel right.”

So I started shedding the labels and investigating what it is I actually do believe based on what is real to me (read: not what was told to me or given to me based on some arbitrary label).

Am I a speaker with all the expectations and rules for success, or am I unafraid to speak to an audience about what I’m passionate about?
Am I a mother with all the rules and expectations for success, or am I raising daughters in my own way with no requirements whatsoever?
Am I a Christian with all the rules and expectations for salvation, or am I constantly redefining what I believed to be true about what I’m doing here on this earth and in this body based on what God is revealing to me through the Bible and people who are placed in my path?
Am I emotionally withdrawn, or have I believed untruth about my emotions?

I urge you to sit and question your labels. You just might find they don’t fit anymore. You might just find yourself behind every unmet expectation and every broken rule. Perhaps you’re made to be more than can be defined in a word. Perhaps that’s the whole point.

Just think about it.

I love you.


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