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I Believe in You

July 25, 2016

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This weekend I got an email that shook me a little. It was an email from someone I don’t know telling me she appreciated everything I did for her but that she had to quit her business because she wasn’t growing. (I’ll add to the end of that statement “as fast as she thinks she should.”) She gave up on herself and a completely different life because it was hard. I’ll be honest, most people don’t have the guts to tell someone whose business philosophy is “refuse to fail” that they’re giving up so this is new for me.

Anyway, at first I wondered if she wanted me to try to save her. Sometimes people just want to know they matter and that they’re worth saving. Then I got a little offended because everything I teach is on the basis of refusing to fail at something, so it’s frustrating to get “I quit” messages. If you run a business, I’m sure you’ve felt the same at some point. By “offended” i just mean frustrated.

Today we had an issue with our basement getting finished and our contractor said something to the effect of, “hard work isn’t something this industry is drowning in, which I’m thankful for because that means more for us.” I wanted to slow clap him right to his face (which, obviously would have been weird but still).

More for us.

I thought as he said that, “YES!” In any business or venture you must come to a place where only the strong are going to survive. You must. As painful as it is, if you don’t have to work for it, it just won’t survive. Doing something great requires greatness within. That’s not handed out for free. I wish it was but it just isn’t. Some people are going to sabotage their success for whatever reason, that’s not your choice to make, it’s only theirs. You can only control you.

As I was working through what to do with this email, I thought back to something I hold very close when I see people starting to cut and run. It goes something like this:

Our greatest opportunity is when everyone else is quitting.

And to that I say amen.

Your opportunity is now, friends. Right now. Don’t freak out when people weed themselves out of your business. It might seem a little scary but think of it in terms of opportunity. More for you. Your opportunity just grew because your competition is literally bowing out of the ring for you. “Thankyouverymuch, i’ll take that. Oh, you don’t want that? Sure, I’ll run with that.” I’m staying because I’m emotionally connected to the potential. I can’t walk away because it means walking away from everything I want for my kids and the example I want to be for them. If they’re going to stick out the hard stuff, they need to see me go first. Amazing, that’s what my team needs from me as a leader, as well. I go first.

As any industry gains popularity and traction (as mine, the Essential Oils industry is), you’re going to see a bunch of companies get in the game causing some market saturation. What you’re also going to see is a lot of people who quit when success isn’t served on a silver platter. Spoiler alert, silver platters rarely exist in real life, so chances are, you’re going to have to grind out the success in your business if you want to see it. If your product is solid and you get creative, your company can survive.

Hey ladies, I believe in you. As I thought a little bit more about that email, I started to write a saving reply to her and then thought again. It’s not my job to try to make someone change their mind (that’s a talk she needs to have with the person she has a relationship with). It’s up to me to equip you guys with as much information as I can and prepare you for what may be coming down your road so you’re prepared when “just quit” becomes an option you entertain.

What’s coming down your road is more people giving up than sticking it out. What’s coming down your road is a lifetime of watching people give up on the thing that can buy their freedom despite you wanting it so badly for them. We can only make the decision to try for ourselves. Remember that as you grind it out until you get there.

I believe in you guys. Every last one of you. Here’s a little encouragement for you:

Don't QUIT

Don’t quit,

Lindsay Teague Moreno

  1. Anne Hilbrich says:

    This is the truuuuuth! It will be hard she it has been hard, but it’s also been amazing and fun and an adventure! I love this business and I love sharing. I also never thought I would! I’ve surprised myself and I hope to keep surprising myself. All the way to RCD!
    Thank you for your words of wisdom as you continue to lead and blaze the trail!

  2. Anne Hilbrich says:

    That should say and (not she) Grrr.

  3. Lisa McNeill Tourin says:

    Reading something everyday that inspires me to continue is a good thing! Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Jamie Dueck says:

    This is exactly what I needed, Lindsay!! Thank you so much for all you do for us and to inspire us!!

  5. Claudette Paulin Eames says:

    thank You Lindsay … important words. Wants me want it all even more

  6. Victoria says:

    Giving up on something that is destined to fail doesn’t make you a quitter. It makes you smart.

    “Most things in life fail. It’s okay.” –James Altucher,

    • I have to disagree in the realm of business. It can be done, you just have to do it right. I agree that most things you try fail but not that giving up on your dream because it’s hard and not going your way is smart. Failure is part of the game, doesn’t mean you quit.

  7. Lucia Lee Pollard says:

    I’m an art teacher and have always told my students that anyone that likes art can be an artist. You just have to have the tools and somebody to teach you how to draw and practice drawing. It’s not everybody that picks up a pencil who can draw. Just like when you learn to read somebody taught you. So don’t think that because you’re not an artist now you can’t be an artist with practice. Turn your failures into something else and realize what you thought was failure could be your master piece. This business is full of more help than you could ever want. STICK WITH IT.

  8. Sarah says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve been in direct sales and pretty successful for 8+ years and have seen my fair share of people quit but have also seen some people surge past me. I’ve spent too much time these past couple of years focusing on the quitters and your blog post was a great brain check to get me in the right place. Thank you! Some will, some won’t, it’s their choice, but mine (and yours apparently) is to stick with what we know in our heart is true!

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