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Everything Is Always Ok

August 29, 2022

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Right now, my life is about this:

It’s about working to just be here and not there (wherever “there” is in space or time).

It’s about the truest and highest version of me.

It’s about these four people.

It’s about quiet and solitude and minimal distraction.

It’s about simplicity.

Its about creating something new even if nobody sees or cares. I see. I care.

It’s about doing things that are beyond my current understanding.

It’s about taking in, soaking in, integrating, learning, opening, and being receptive more than the opposite.

It’s about “seeing” with all of my senses – intentionally.

Maybe you understand it, maybe you don’t.

Maybe you’re here for what comes next for me, maybe you’re not.

Maybe what I have to give helps you, maybe it doesn’t.

Either way is okay.

Because everything is okay.

Everything is always okay as long as we are right here and not there.

Just think about that. I will too.


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