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Entrepreneur Magazine Feature: How This Mom Hits 7 Figures a Month Using Social Media

December 8, 2017

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Last month I sat down with Kelsey Humphreys to talk about how I created a 7-figure income using social media. I loved the interview because of the great questions she asked.

Also, I’m excited to say it was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine this week!

In the interview, I opened up about how I grew my MLM business to a 7-figure personal income, in just two short years, using social media.

Here is an excerpt from the article on how I hustled extra hard at the beginning to reach my goals:

“Hustle hard the first few years.

Moreno shared that she would open her eyes and immediately pull her laptop up onto her bed to start working. She worked as much as she could with young kids at home, and asked her husband for the ability to immediately get back to work when he got home in the evenings. “I was working 100-hour work weeks, easy. I was working that much. I’d pick my computer up in the morning, and I go to sleep at 3 a.m. I knew that I had to for these two years.”

The payoff was definitely worth it for the Morenos. Soon, she was able to bring her husband on board, and now the family has complete freedom and flexibility. Ask yourself, are you willing to go all in and all out for the first few years? Because all of my guests on The Pursuit have confirmed, that is definitely what it will take.”

And another excerpt on how I think social media should be used to attract cutomers:

“Use social media, not to find customers, but to attract them.

This is Moreno’s No. 1 piece of advice for any and all entrepreneurs and small-business owners. “Be really, really smart on social media. You can do everything faster, smarter, cheaper than ever before on social media,” She warned against the idea that social media is overused and oversatured. “If you’re really smart with it, you can build an audience that’s so captive and loves you and loves everything you do and buys everything you sell.” Her personal tactics include posting five or six fun, personal, non-business posts for every one product post she publishes. She writes posts with a conversational tone and brutal honesty.

“I’m an open book for my people. I don’t hide things. I don’t want them to feel like I am a magical unicorn. I want him to feel like I’m the person next door that can say, ‘Hey, can you help me really quick,'” she added, “I try to stay away from all the things that make people turn off from MLM, and because we were able to do that, we became really accessible to a lot of people that would have never said yes to it.”

Be yourself and share sparingly about the product, and people who know, like and trust you will begin to lean in and listen.”

I’d love for you to read the entire article and see five more things I believe were a big part of my success!

How This Mom Hits 7-Figures a Month Using Social Media

I hope this article is helpful, and most of all, I hope you can use some of the tips to reach your desired success!


*You can find more work from Kelsey Humphreys on her website:


  1. Tammy Huntridge-Hocking says:

    You just Motivate the shit out of me! Thank you for making my daily walks sooooooo inspirational & educational while I listen to your AMAZING PodCast! (In fact, I now walk 10 miles instead of 2 because I don’t want to quit listening and learning from you – you’ve also helped me greatly with my cardiovascular system and I’m much more “in shape and lookin great” because of you)… “I LOVE you, you Like me….we are Alike!” Cheers ??

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