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Being Alive Is a Special Occasion

April 14, 2023

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“No special occasion other than just being alive,” I wrote in an email to the hotel I booked in Costa Rica this June.
Less than 2 months now to train for what has the potential to be a life-altering week for me (and my training partner, Michael Moreno, whom I also sleep with and is my husband 🤤).
Less than 2 months until we board a flight and then a bus and then a boat and then another bus into a remote village where we are going to trip balls for 4 nights in the jungle.
And that sounds kinda like I’m joking because it’s got that irreverent flare I’m known for, but I assure you that’s exactly what we are going to do without all the fluffy, spiritual language around it.
But it is serious. And it is spiritual. And it is scary. And it is right. And it is coming.
I get up every day, and I train my body and mind for this trip (meditation, cold plunges, sun, working out, eating clean, taking my supps) because I want to make every moment of this experience count.
And this is my life. My life is happening right now. I’m ready to meet whatever it is that might keep me from living the shit out of it.
Why would I do that?
No reason other than just being alive.


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