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6 Ways To Make Sure Your Next Sale Closes With FREE PDF

June 23, 2017

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What I love most about my job is teaching women how to be entrepreneurs. It’s a passion that gets me up in the morning and makes me feel fulfilled when I go to bed. Part of being a successful entrepreneur is sales. Whether you are selling a product or selling a service or selling yourself, this is something you need to know how to do well. I think a lot of people feel that sales is just something that comes natural to certain people. Don’t get me wrong, it can be. Especially for people who have really high emotional intelligence, but for the most people it’s a learned skill. I think women struggle with this more than men and I want you to know you can learn sales and you can get really good at it no matter what your background is.

When I ask my team what is hanging them up most about getting sales, it’s the closing part. People seem to be able to talk about their product or service easily, but closing the sale trips them up. They feel like they are pressuring people or being too salesy which in turn makes them back off and lose the sale. What if I told you that you could learn ways to close that sale without being awkward? Yes, please.

Today I want to give you 6 things that any person, in any field can work into their business to improve their close rate. These things will help you get people to choose you, psychologically, over your competition. Let’s get into it!

  1. Find common ground between you and your customer. Here’s what that looks like: I like you and you like me and we are alike. When posting on social media you want to convey this to your followers so they find you relatable. Don’t make the mistake of getting so deep into your product that you change yourself online because that will end up attracting the wrong people. Don’t lose the person that you were before you became so consumed with the product that you sell. It’s important you remain relatable and likable to the people who don’t already use your product because your growth potential lies there.
  2. Have a great hook. The hook of a song is the part that gets into your head and makes you want to listen to it over and over again. As a sales person you need to have a hook. Think of it as your opening line. I ask this question: “What made you reach out to me about this today and not yesterday?” I want to know what piqued their interest and with that question they will tell you exactly what they want you to sell them. You will find out what is important to them so you can focus on that instead of spending time elsewhere. It needs to be all about the customer and not about what you think is right for them.
  3. Talk about your flagship product or your best feature. Always lead with this. Is your product going to change their lives? Is your process better than any other out there? Is what you offer going to be the best for them? If you are selling yourself as a service tell them exactly what you’re going to do for them and why that’s better than what they will get somewhere else.
  4. Be counterintuitive by mentioning your customers obstacles and turning them positive. By mentioning the obstacle right off the bat it builds trust with your customer. It gets them thinking that you aren’t trying to pull one over on them because you’re talking about the negatives instead of hiding them. Trust is the best way to sell your product.  For example, in my industry my product is the most expensive on the market, but it’s also the best so I need to get ahead of that by telling them why it’s worth their money.
  5. Don’t mention your competition. Honestly, my initial reaction is to mention the competition so I get that this can be hard. Here’s why you shouldn’t do it: If you’re talking to someone the first time about a product, there is a high chance they will buy what you’re selling on impulse. If you mention the competition, that impulse percentage goes way down because now they are thinking about an alternative. This puts the thought into their head that there is something else out there and maybe they should try both to be sure. And while I think this goes without saying; don’t knock your competition. If someone asks you questions, feel free to answer without putting the other company down, but don’t ever mention them out of the blue.
  6. Take advantage of FOMO. The fear of missing out is real! Build urgency into your pitch and give them a date and time. Is your product seasonal or limited? Tell them. Scarcity sells! Don’t be afraid to give them a way to buy right now. I see a lot of women back off at this point and say they will wait for the customer to come to them. That will never happen. Tell them they need to buy it today and make it really easy for them to do so.

Want to get all these tips on a printable PDF for your workspace? I’ve got you covered. Click here!


Lindsay Teague Moreno

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    Thank you in advance…

  2. Christine smith says:

    Thank you Lindsay for being open and transparent. And willing to allow others to come to the table of abundance ! Love you.

    Oh, and I’m a nurse who worse night shift. I left my book at work one day (getting noticed) and someone STOLE IT !!!!! Wth ??? No one will fess up and it hasn’t magically reappeared. Guess I’ll be ordering another soon (and darn it if I didn’t get that one on sale)

  3. Maria says:

    Can’t wait ?. Thank you

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