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3 Ways To Handle Rejection In Sales

March 28, 2018

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If you’ve been in sales for any length of time you’ve heard it all.

  • “No, thanks.”
  • “Maybe another time.”
  • “I can’t afford it right now.”


It stings.

Nobody likes rejection, but it’s a fact of business.

The good news is, with some simple strategies you can learn to take rejection in stride and even use to help you.

  1. Learn from your experience: You can let rejection eat you up or you can turn it into something useful. If you want to make the best of it then it’s time to turn inward and see if there is anything you can change in order to get a yes next time. Sometimes a no is just a no, but a lot of times it can mean something else and that’s where we need to work on our approach.
  2. Improve your process: Is there a part of the sales process you struggle with and think you need to improve? Maybe you’re really good at pitching, but you can’t close a sale. Maybe you can close, but you can’t work up the courage to talk about your product. The good news is these are all learned skills so think of this as a challenge and get the help you need to improve.
  3. Be better than you competitor: This might sound obvious, but can you think of some way to set yourself apart from the competition? This is usually done best through customer service. You might be faster at answering messages or better at educating or consistent with sending customer gifts. Whatever it is, highlight that. Let your prospects know what they’re going to get from you! If you don’t have something in place, think about what you’re good at and start doing it consistently.

The most important thing I want to say about rejection is that you can’t let it stop you or slow you down.

You’ve got to keep going. Even if that means you have room for improvement – most people do.

You absolutely won’t get to your goal by quitting so don’t even think about it!


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