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10 Things You Can Do Right Now That Require Zero Talent

October 4, 2017

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I’ve noticed that people who are frustrated with their business growth-rate use excuses about how they lack talent or skills.

“I’m not good at sales,” or “I don’t have friends” or “I don’t know how to use photoshop” or “I’m an introvert.

Let me tell you, skills can be learned. You just have to be willing to get up off the couch and turn off the TV.  

The first step is to invest some time in identifying what skills you need to win at your job. Once you’ve got that down there are countless ways to learn and build skills. The internet is basically like free college in some areas and of course you can buy courses, read books, take a class in person, ask for help from someone who’s ahead of you.

I do not accept the skills excuses. 

I don’t accept the talent excuse either.

Do you see a pattern here?

Talents differ, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use yours to get ahead. I believe with every fiber of my being that God gave each and every one of us a talent or ability that is special to each of us. If you don’t know what it is, it’s time to do some self-exploration and get to know what you love and figure out if you’re good at it or if you can learn to be good at it. Just like little kids, we have to learn to develop our talents and skills, kids don’t just know how to write and read, they have to learn it but some of those little kids will excel in those areas.

Now that we’ve gotten to the point that excuses are a waste of time, here are ten things you can do right now without any talent or skill:

1. Always Show Up On Time
2. Have a Killer Work Ethic 
3. Put In The Effort
4. Show Good Body Language
5. Keep A High Positive Energy Level
6. Have A Good Attitude
7. Show Your Passion
8. Being Coachable
9. Go The Extra Mile
10. Be Prepared


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